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A Thought About Writers Block

May 2, 2016, 12:35 pm

A Thought About Writers Block   | Writers block comes from doing things in the wrong order. It’s quite simple. If you have something to say you will be able to find a way to say it, maybe 10 ways to say it.

My suggestion to you is to go out into the world, or deep into your head, see a picture of something, and then write about it. If you sit down to be creative without being inspired first, I already know what your song is going to sound like. I won’t remember it but I will know what to expect.

A song equals the sum of imagination plus inspiration multiplied by hard work. If you don’t have the first two ingredients, you are multiplying by ZERO and you will get exactly that.

Music is telling a story with sound. You are using the same colors, textures and shapes as any other art form only now you are doing it with the added dimension of time (another reason I despise click tracks!) So, like I’ve told every other student I have had in the past, paint a picture, tell a story – but have something to say before you start or you will only be babbling on about nothing at all.

Danny Taddei

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