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We can fit a large band in our air-conditioned live room. We already have a full Yamaha drum set and percussion pit with Congas, Bongos, Marimba, Steel Drum and a wide selection of other hand percussion. We have two acoustic pianos to choose from as well as electric pianos and samplers. (Rental rates apply)

Film, Television & Commercials:

We are setup to run SMPTE from tape or digital files. We have hundreds of full length features under our belt including everything from soundtracks to sound effects and vocal dubbing. We can correct space and ambiance to match any indoor or outdoor space by removing reverberation or adding in reverberation that exactly matches any space filmed in by process of impulse response designed software. (We will need access to the sound stage, room or area the footage was shot in)

Voiceover and Motivational recordings:

We have over 30 years of experience bringing out the best and most appealing sound from any voice brought to us. We have digital processing that can change your pitch and tone to fit any mood of any subject matter. We can match the ambiance of animated or real actors to fit into and sound like any real space. Voiceovers brought to us for this purpose must be as free from all room ambiance as possible or a fee may need to be charged for our De-Verb processing.