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A Page for Vocalists

A Page for Vocalists Since everyone that plays music at the Demos Masters Studio is a seasons pro - most with dozens if not hundreds of released tracks under there belt, you’ll get only the best.



We’re talented, have the experience and probably most importantly, we have that annoying ego that good musicians have. That keeps us from allowing anyone to hear us play second rate tracks! If Demos Masters is your studio - we’ll make sure we all sound great!

Vocalists need the best produced sound. Why? Because the human voice is the one instrument and because it has been with all us since God made Adam we already know every flaw it might have - and it is human nature to find flaws!

Since your voice is the subject being listened to, you’d better get it right.

If your tracks aren’t fantastic, including being the right style, tempo and key for your voice and intended sound, you’re done before you start. That is why you need Demos Masters. We know how to produce a vocal to its best sound possible.

Your CDs of songs to sing are your calling cards, portfolio and ticket to success or failure. Make sure you get what you need because you are in competition with every other singer out there. Who do you want the audience to remember?