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Making Sound Recordings Since 1986

Recording is made great when musical ears meet technical knowledge and the right selection of gear for the job. Essentially, Demos Masters is my baby. I’m Danny Taddei and I knew what I was doing back in 1986. Since than I have only gotten better and more tasteful at what I do. I’ve collected a lot more gear since my initial investment and both the knowledge and the gear could make your next project shine.

Great Artists—Great Music!

Over the years, I have worked with some of the most famous musicians in the world: Sly Stone, Robert Trujillo, James (Gat) Gadson, Bobby Day, The Coasters and the list goes on for decades. If you need great talent at your beck and call, contact me. I’ll put together the best team possible.

We record all things and that means we record demos, soundtracks, master recordings and anything else that comes our way. I personally recorded the silly little monotone theme for The Jetsons promotional buttons at the same time we were doing the motion picture soundtrack. I like to think (and so does my crew) that we are not above recording anything but our recordings are above all other recordings. We’re a little bit proud of what we do and of what we have done, and so will you be when your project is in the can.

We don’t post finished commercial product because we don’t like copyright infringement and certainly wont contribute to it. Besides, you have heard all of those recordings before.

What we can be most proud of and what many people need to hear and have not are our quick and inexpensive recordings. When we can produce a high quality demo or a master on a 5-hour budget, it makes us smile. We are artists but we are also business people. We know that if we can get you a usable recording on a shoestring budget, you’ll always come back to us. That is how we ended up with the name Demos-Masters to begin with. This studio was not intended to be open to the public. It was intended to be my private recording studio. I started doing favors and then charging a little for those favors. Pretty soon I had people from all over the world begging me to produce them. It’s halfway comical but I understand. If you have something very important to you, it’s only natural to want to get it right the first time, especially if you’re not a millionaire.

Visit some of the links below and see what we have produced on next to nothing. There is not a song listed in these links that cost more than $500 to produce including the cost of the musicians and engineer. Many of these songs cost as little as $200. If I recall, I charged the PR guy from the Jetson film crew $20 to make his button’s music.

Don’t be intimidated. Call or email today to see what I can do for you. (251) 285-0103