Why Perforated Metal Acoustic Panels Are A Perfect Addition To Any Open Plan Office

An open plan office can have many advantages over more traditional offices filled with long, uniform rows of individual cubicles. However, while an open plan arrangement for your office can be more attractive to your customers and less oppressive for your employees, controlling excessive noise levels can be more difficult in such an open space. As such, acoustic panelling is a common sight in open plan offices across the world, and adding some to the walls and.or ceilings of your open plan office can provide real benefits.

How do acoustical panels work?

Acoustical panels look like regular wall and ceiling panels at first glance, but they are made from a range of specialised materials designed to absorb sound waves, rather than reflect them. Since open plan offices do not have cubicle walls and dividers designed to reduce ambient noise levels, installing acoustical panels can be a great way to prevent noise and echoes from travelling across your office, distracting your employees and generally making for an unpleasant work environment.

Acoustical panels can be made from a range of materials, such as high-density foam and fibreglass, but acoustic panels made from perforated metal are some of the very best. The unique properties of perforated metal panels give them a number of advantages over other types of acoustic panelling, especially when it comes to office applications.

What are the advantages of choosing perforated metal acoustic panels for my open plan office?

Effective at muffling sound

You might assume that a panel made from hard, reflective metal sheeting couldn't possibly function as an effective way to reduce noise levels, but it's the perforations that make all the difference. The holes in perforated metal acoustic panels create isolated air pockets that are extremely effective at 'catching' noises and echoes, and just a few perforated metal panels installed on your office walls and ceilings can create a noticeable reduction in ambient noise levels.


Perforated metal acoustic panels are considerably more physically durable than panels made from most other materials. In a busy, open plan office containing tens or even hundreds of employees, this durability can be a real boon, making sure your acoustic panels won't get accidentally damaged or knocked off your walls by passing foot traffic or shifting office furniture. Perforated metal acoustic panels tend to cost more than most other types of acoustic panel, but this long-term durability makes them an excellent long term investment.


Perforated metal acoustic panels don't put function over form, and can be quite eye-catching and attractive, especially when paired with contemporary and/or minimalist office furniture and decor. Choosing perforated metal for your acoustic panels can contribute to an attractive, modern office, making them ideal if customers or investors frequently tour your business premises.

To learn more about perforated metal sheets, consult a resource in your area.