3 Key Reasons for Using Formatubes to Build Columns

The Greeks created beautiful architecture that incorporated columns. Columns provide your building with structural support. Among the ancient Greeks, columns were created using tree trunks that would be painted and stand on stone bases. Today, you can create longer-lasting columns using concreate. To achieve an excellent finish, formatubes are the best material to use to create columns. Formatubes are cardboard tubes used by builders who use them to create columns. Your columns can serve as structural support or add to the aesthetic value of the building. Here are three reasons why you should use formatubes for your column construction needs.

1. Suitable for Construction in Wet Weather Construction during wet weather can present many challenges. When you are making columns, and there is a likelihood of rain, use formatubes. They are made such that they protect against moisture from outside. The cardboard used in the manufacture of formatubes is coated with plastic, which prevents moisture from reaching your concrete. On the inside, it is coated with oils that prevent the moisture in the concrete from leaking out. Unlike other methods used in building columns, formatubes are reliable during the rainy season. Since they do not allow rainwater into the column, it dries faster. This reduces the time you spend on a construction project. 

2. Easy Setup Formatubes are easy to put up as they come ready to set up from the store. There is no need to build reinforcements for them. Therefore, it takes a shorter time for the columns to be ready. By using formatubes, you can shorten the time needed for your construction. You will not spend hours building reinforcements before pouring concrete, and the project will take a shorter time. If you are engaged in a small-scale building project, using formatubes can be very advantageous. If the wet season is approaching, you can finish building before the rain starts. 

3. Smooth finish Apart from their importance as structural support, columns have a decorative purpose. Using formatubes ensures that your columns have a smooth finish. This can be used to create beautiful designs that add to the aesthetic value of the building. Formatubes also come in a variety of shapes, which allow for different detailing. Depending on the kind of look you want on the building, you can choose any of these trending formatube shapes. There are tapered, sloped or elliptical formatubes on the market. 

If you are looking to incorporate columns in your construction project, make use of formatubes. They will speed up construction and protect the column from external moisture.