Useful Ideas on How to use Recyclable Pallets

There are at least 140 million pallets that are recycled into beautiful products every year. Pallets are used initially to hold items during shipping. Once the pallets serve their purpose, they are rendered useless. Most of them pile up and are often discarded as waste by companies and stores. 

An upcoming trend to use recyclable pallets has aided in minimising waste. People have managed to find alternative ways to use and improvise pallets. There is a long list of things you can do to repurpose pallets. Top among them is that they make excellent fixtures, furniture and house decorations. 

Have you been looking for cheap, affordable materials for your DIY projects? Here are a few useful ideas on how you can use recyclable pallets.

Coffee Table

Stack two or three pallets on top of each other, bind them together using nails or glue and voila! You have yourself a coffee table. To make it unique, you may choose to add wheels at the base, paint it or decorate it by placing a couple of small indoor plants and some of your favourite books on top. 

Outdoor Swing

You have probably been wondering what to do with that space on your porch, lawn or back yard. How about installing an outdoor swing made out of recycled pallets? Use one, two or more pallets depending on how big or small you want your swing to be. Suspend the swing with a chain or rope and add some puffy pillows on top. 

You now have a cosy, comfortable and functional spot to relax.

Flower Box

If you are into gardening, pallets make the best flower boxes. They are far more beautiful and durable than plastic flower containers. They are great for both indoor and outdoor use and can be refurbished into smaller sizes or larger sizes, depending on your preferences.


When you need extra seating at the kitchen or home bar, you could stack a few pallets to achieve the different heights for your stools. Add a padded layer and cover it with some vibrant coloured faux leather to make the seating more comfortable.

Pallets come in different shapes, sizes and are also made from different materials. Not all pallets are ideal for recycling. Some of the best types of pallets for recycling include those made out of wood, plastic and metal. Such pallets are perfect for making indoor and outdoor refurbishments, furniture pieces and fixtures. They can withstand impact and are resistant to damage by external factors like water and adverse temperatures. Recyclable pallets are strong and durable enough to serve most if not all of your home project needs.