Transparent Doors For Bathroom Cabinets: 4 Reasons To Choose Acrylic Plastic Instead Of Glass

A cabinet with transparent doors can be a useful addition to any bathroom. As well as adding a stylish touch to your bathroom cabinetry, transparent doors also allow you to clearly see the contents of your cabinet while the doors are securely closed. This makes transparent doors particularly useful for cabinets holding medicines, bathroom cleaners and other potentially dangerous substances that should be kept locked away as much as possible.

Traditionally, transparent bathroom cabinet doors were made with glass panes, but many cabinet manufacturers have switched to using clear acrylic plastic. If you are creating new transparent cabinet doors, or need to replace damaged glass in your own bathroom cabinet doors, here are four reasons to choose acrylic plastic over glass:

Highly durable

The thin panes of glass used in most transparent cabinet doors tend to be quite fragile and can be easily damaged by impacts or accidental falls. Most types of glass used in cabinetry are also highly vulnerable to scratching and scuffing; protective coatings can be applied to surface the glass to prevent this damage, but these coatings are often expensive. 

Clear acrylic sheets are considerably more durable than glass, and a transparent cabinet door made with clear acrylic can handle a significant amount of punishment. Crucially, acrylic plastic is significantly less brittle and more flexible than glass, making it much more resistant to impacts and less likely to crack or shatter. If you are replacing a broken glass pane in a cabinet door and want to make sure the replacement lasts, acrylic plastic is the way to go.

Safe if shattered

Acrylic plastic is incredibly tough, but not invulnerable, and it can shatter when subjected to extreme impacts. However, acrylic plastic tends to shatter into large pieces that lack dangerous sharp edges, making shattered acrylic plastic less hazardous than shattered glass. Choosing acrylic plastic instead of glass for your bathroom cabinet doors can make your bathroom a much safer place to be, particularly if you have children in the house.

Very secure

Because clear acrylic plastic is so durable and difficult to shatter, a transparent cabinet door that uses acrylic plastic is incredibly difficult to break through if it is properly locked and secured. If your bathroom cabinet contains dangerous and/or addictive medications, hazardous cleaning chemicals or other substances that must be kept out of irresponsible hands, a lockable bathroom cabinet with acrylic plastic doors will provide excellent security.

Made to measure

Cutting thin panes of glass is difficult, and replacement glass panes for transparent cabinet doors often have to be manufactured to order, which can be expensive and time consuming. On the other hand, clear acrylic plastic sheets can be quickly and accurately cut to the size you need by any reputable acrylic plastic supplier. This makes acrylic plastic a suitable replacement material for almost any type of bathroom cabinet, including expensive, custom-built cabinets with unusual door designs.