Why Use 2Pac Spray Paint to Spruce Up Your Aluminium Windows?

If your aluminium window frames look old and tired then you may be thinking about having them painted. As well as sprucing up your frames, this gives you the chance to make-over the outside of your home by changing the colour of your windows.

You may want to consider a 2pac spray painting process for this job. How does this kind of paint finish work, and what are the benefits to you?

How Does 2Pac Spray Painting Work?

While regular house paints can coat aluminium frames perfectly adequately, 2pac paint works slightly differently and gives you better results. This paint contains an acrylic and melamine-based paint that creates the colour coat. However, it also contains a specialist hardening resin.

This resin creates a chemical reaction with the paint base as it goes on. This reaction automatically hardens the paint. You don't need to rely on solvents evaporating from the initial coat for the paint to dry or set hard; this kind of spray paint sorts itself out.

Why Use 2Pac Spray Paint?

The fact that 2pac paint auto-hardens reduces evaporation during the painting process. This gives your paint a lot more strength; it also prevents colour from leaching out of the coats.

Aluminium that has been sprayed with a 2pac product gets a harder and more resilient coat of paint. The paint is less likely to degrade over time — it won't chip, scratch or peel like a regular window paint. Your frames also won't suffer from the types of weather damage that often plagues painted windows.

This paint method also has colour benefits. You usually find that you get a truer and brighter colour after a 2pac spray. Coats are thicker and don't lose lustre, as there is less evaporation and you won't use any paint thinners during the application process. Your frames are likely to retain their original colour for longer even if they are directly in the sun.

You also have a lot of colour and finish choices. These spray paints come in a wide variety of standard colours and you can also create a custom colour if you wish. In terms of finish, you can choose from matte, gloss, satin or even metallic options.

To get the best results, you need an experienced painter to apply this kind of paint. Its application can be dangerous in inexperienced hands. To find out more, contact 2pac spray painting specialists.