Four Good Reasons to Have a Garage Shed Built

A garage shed is a free-standing structure that you can use for housing much more than your car. If you are considering buying one, then consult a garage shed builder who can construct one that meets your exact needs. After all, many people have a couple of different uses that they might want from their garage shed, such as side access and electrical power, to name but two. These versatile structures look good when they've been erected by a professional garage shed builder, too. In the meantime, what benefits to garage sheds offer?

1. Rapid Additional Storage

If you need extra storage capacity at home quickly, then putting up a brick built outbuilding or garage will involve lots of work. Such structures need deep foundations and may even be subject to planning regulations. On the other hand, garage sheds are more lightweight and require much less work to erect. A typical garage shed builder can provide you with all of the additional storage you might need – whether it is for household items or a new car – in a matter of days.

2. Lower Cost Storage

If you compare the costs of a typical garage shed compared to an integrated garage, then it is always cheaper to opt for the former. Because they go up quickly, your garage shed builder won't charge you as much for labour as he or she might for a conventional, detached garage. Even better, the materials that are used for garage sheds, such as wooden panels and corrugated steel, are cheaper than the main alternative, bricks and mortar.

3. Easy to Repair

If you have a conventional garage and it is damaged, then the costs for repairing it can be prohibitive. On the other hand, wooden and metal garage sheds are much less complex and costly to put right. Often garages are damaged by accidents when parking. However, they also occur from machinery that might be operated inside if your garage is used as a workshop space. Either way, replacing a wall or roof panel is much easier for your garage shed builder than it would be with a permanent structure.

4. Flexibility

Don't like where your garage is positioned any more? Thinking about moving but want to take your garage with you? If so, a garage shed is simple to disassemble and for your builder to put up again for you in your chosen location. With a permanent garage made out of concrete or bricks, this is simply not the case. 

For more information, reach out to a garage shed builder.