How to Choose the Right Size of Flagpole

If you've decided to put a flagpole outside your company's building, then you need to find the right size of pole for the job. Not all flagpoles are the same height or width, and it's important to choose the right one for your needs. What do you need to think about?

Wind Access

When you install a flagpole and a flag, you expect the pole to fly the flag in the most attractive way. However, your environmental conditions can affect how well the flag catches the wind and displays.

For example, if you install a shorter flagpole that isn't as tall as the building it stands in front of, then the structure could act as a windbreak. If the wind blows in a certain direction, the building will stop it from passing through. This could prevent the wind from getting to your flag. It may look too limp and static for your liking.

So, think about any buildings that surround the pole. It may help to go for a height that clears any blocking structures. For example, if the flagpole is slightly higher than your building, then it will catch wind coming over the top so that your flag flies effectively.

Flag Size

While some people choose a flag size based on the pole they install, others want to buy a pole to fit a specific size of the flag. In this case, you need to choose a height and width that can carry the flag comfortably.

For example, a small flagpole may not be able to hold an oversized flag. Or, a tiny flag may look odd on a very tall pole. So, think about the size of the flag you'll use at this stage.

Installation Method

While some flagpoles sit on the ground, others are buried in it. For example, you might decide that the most stable way of installing a pole is to concrete it into a hole in the ground.

While this gives you a stable build, it also affects the end height of the flagpole itself. If you have to bury some of the shaft in the ground, then you lose some of the height. The part of the pole that is above ground will be shortened. So, you may need to buy a slightly bigger product if you use this installation route.

If you aren't quite sure which size to go for, ask your flagpole manufacturer for advice.