Three Central Precautions for Using a Jackhammer Trolley Safely

If you are planning on replacing your flooring surface, you should consider acquiring a jackhammer trolley. In general, a jackhammer is a beneficial tool for stripping tiles or even cutting into concrete slab during demolitions and renovations. However, this piece of equipment is also heavy and hard to handle. A jackhammer trolley will allow you to support the weight of the unit while working. Consequently, the process of stripping the floor will be faster, and you will experience less strain and fatigue. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind if you would like to use a jackhammer trolley. 

Choose Ideal Equipment

You should select the right trolley for your project to ensure optimal efficiency and safety. Under normal circumstances, a good unit should be well-matched to the specific jackhammer that you intend to use. Therefore, you should inquire about the compatibility aspects before the acquisition. If you are uncertain about the compatibility of the jackhammer brand, you can assess the dimensions of the trolley and compare to your needs. It is also prudent to look at the features incorporated. For instance, it is beneficial to have a trolley with multiple angles for stripping your flooring and anti-vibration features to minimise physical fatigue.

Acquire Protective Gear

It is advisable to think about utilising some personal protective equipment while using a jackhammer and a trolley. The trolley is designed to reduce the impact of the work on the body. However, you must keep in mind that handling the equipment can still be a little strenuous and might expose your body to unfavourable conditions. You should plan on acquiring protective work gloves for handling the unit. Also, protective boots are indispensable when working on flooring. In addition, acquire ear protection and safety goggles to protect from the loud operational noise and irritant particles respectively. Dust might be an issue for some worksites, so you might need to purchase a mask to avoid inhaling dangerous contaminants.

Inspect the Rig

Finally, you should inspect the jackhammer and the trolley before commencing the demolition or renovation work on your floors. This assessment process will help you ensure that the rig is in order for safe floor stripping. Ideally, you should make sure that the trolley is not damaged or compromised in any way. Check the wheels, the handles and connective components. The jackhammer should also be examined for problems like damaged cords and hoses. Additionally, once the two units are combined, make sure that the rig is stable for prolonged use.