Three Reasons to Work With Laser Cutting Machines

If you have worked in manufacturing or design you will probably have come across laser cutting machinery. For many years creating the perfect shape for your product from a piece of metal was solely down to the skill of the craftsman, but with the advent of laser cutting machines, the process has become far easier. If you are still pondering whether or not you should use a company with laser cutting machines to fulfil your production requirements, here are three reasons to make the switch.

Faster production

No matter how skilled human workers may be they cannot compete with the speed of a laser cutting machine over a prolonged production run. Laser cutting machines are programmed with a set of instructions which they follow exactly time after time without error. Any craftsman will need to slow down, take breaks and will sometimes make errors while a machine can be run through the night if needed.  

Easily complete rush jobs

You may have regular clients who order the same product at fixed times every year but there are always going to times when a big order arrives unexpectedly. No company wants to keep a lot of stock on their shelves to cater to a potential emergency and setting up a production run using traditional methods can be time-consuming. By contrast, when your production run is fulfilled using laser cutting machines, the programme only needs to be entered once and the production run can begin. There is no need to wait for tooling or to further set up the equipment.

Easily service multiple specifications

Over time most products change. There will be an initial release then there could be a version two, three, four, five and so on. Each of these versions could be subtly different and require different cuts to be made. Often several of these versions may be in production at the same time for different clients, while even older versions could be sent back for repair and refurbishment. When working by hand you may have to reset the equipment and change the tooling every time you change the product version. When you have the advantage of laser cutting machines you can have each version stored in the computer memory and simply select the version you need before production starts.

To find out more about how laser cutting machines could benefit your company production runs, talk to your local laser cutting company today.