6 Ways to Use Perspex Creatively in Your Garden

Are you looking for some cost-effective and creative ways to spruce up your garden for the coming summer? Then consider using Perspex. Not only is Perspex able to withstand the forces of nature, which can be considerable in Australia, but it is also highly versatile.

If your garden or yard seems to be missing a little something as you prepare for the coming summer, then consider getting creative with Perspex. You can use Perspex in a number of creative ways to spruce up your yard.

1. As Colourful Privacy Screens

If your patio area lacks privacy solutions, then you can add some Perspex privacy screens to it. And because Perspex is easy to customise and comes in many colours, you don't have to opt for plain, boring screens. You can opt to go for a modern look, with multiple sheets of different coloured Perspex to shield your outdoor living area from the eyes of neighbours while looking cool.

2. As a Windbreaker in Windy Corners

If some areas of your garden become windy during the day, this can wreak havoc on your plants and your outdoor furniture. You can deal with this issue by adding some Perspex sheets to strategic areas of your garden. For instance, you can add Perspex sheets to a pergola to offer you some shelter as you sit inside it. You can also add Perspex sheets to trellis fences to create a wind block.

3. As Colourful and Decorative Screens

Have you ever considered the benefits of decorative screens throughout your garden? You can also use these screens to section off areas of your garden. Think of Perspex screens of a variety of colours inside wooden frames, situated beside a path or water feature. And because coloured Perspex works so well with light, you can create decorative screens with LED lights for a gorgeous effect at night.

4. As Sturdy Garden Mirrors

Placing a glass mirror outside in your garden might seem a little bit risky, for obvious reasons. But you can still take advantage of the wonderful benefits of mirrors in your garden by using mirrored Perspex. Place some mirrored Perspex sheets strategically around your garden and you can offer the illusion of size and space. This is great if your garden is on the small side.

Perspex is highly impact-resistant, so you won't need to worry about your Perspex mirrors breaking on windy or stormy days. And they won't pose a risk to children and pets.

5. As Garden Mosaics

If you enjoy creating mosaics from glass, Perspex works as an ideal backing solution. Attach your glass mosaic to a Perspex sheet of a colour that compliments the colours in your mosaic and then place that sheet in your garden somewhere. You can even place multiple mosaics throughout your garden for a more magical effect. Add some backlighting to further beautify your mosaics.

6. As a Window to the World Beyond

During the COVID-19 pandemic this year, a mother in the UK used a clear sheet of Perspex to create a window in her fence so that her son could play with his best friend safely. You could achieve the same result for your children or pets, or simply add the window because you want a better view of the gorgeous scenes beyond your back fence.

As you can see, you can utilize Perspex in your yard or garden in a myriad of ways. And if you are worried about how Perspex might stand up to harsh weather, don't be. Did you know that Perspex is used to create skylights, cockpit windshields, and outdoor signs? This is because Perspex is strong enough to withstand the forces of nature.

If your garden needs a little sprucing up for the coming summer, consider getting creative with some Perspex sheets.