Should you install some water tanks?

Do you live in a property that is too remote to be connected to the mains water supply? Maybe your home can access scheme water but you want to reduce your dependence on scheme water or provide water for a distant part of your property. When you need to provide a water supply anywhere that is away from the mains supply then fitting water tanks can help.

1. Why install water tanks?

If you can't take your water from the tap then perhaps you can take it from the sky. If you live in an area that experiences rainfall then fitting tanks to gather that water allows you pick up some of the storm run-off water and reduce your reliance on the water company and keep your bills low.

2. Using water from your tanks

Unlike water you may be used to pouring from your tap the water from water tanks isn't always safe to drink but there are still many things that you can do with it. You could use your water tanks to collect water for irrigating your crops, cleaning your home, or washing your clothes. When you first install your water tanks, you must consider carefully how you will be using the water since the intended usage will affect the type of tank you need and how that tank is connected to the mains water system.

3. Choosing and setting up your water tanks

Do you need an above ground or a below-ground tank? How large should that tank be? Where will you situate that tank? Choosing water tanks raises lots of questions and you must consider your answers carefully. If you select a tank that is too small you will be constantly running out of water but if the tank is too big you will be wasting money on purchase and installation costs.

The question of a mains connection for the tank is particularly important since it controls how you can use the water going forward. If you intend to use the water at a remote location solely for irrigation then you won't need to be connected but if you want to fill a washing machine or use the water in your home in some way then you must be connected, and additionally, you will need to consider what pressure the water will be needed and what pump must be purchased to reach the needed water pressure.