Do you need to plan a new HVAC system?

Are you planning a new HVAC system? Maybe you are rerouting or extending an existing HVAC system to take account of changes in the way your business operates? Whatever the reason for your work you should take the time to plan your HVAC system carefully so that not only will it accommodate your needs but it will continue to work efficiently and cost-effectively for many years. You don't want to install a system that may work but will lead to a significant increase in fuel costs every time you switch it on.  

1. How to plan the route of your HVAC ductwork

When setting out your HVAC system you will need to use ducting which you can obtain from your local sheet metal HVAC fabrication company. The company will need to know exactly how much ducting to create so you must plan the route precisely. Normally you will want HVAC ductwork to cover the minimum possible distance from the place that your HVAC unit is fitted to the location that the air is taken. The shorter the route the more efficiently the HVAC system will operate.

However, there are times that the shortest route is not the most practical route. Perhaps, there are obstructions along the proposed route, such as other pipework or cabling that cannot be moved. Alternatively, you might feel that while that route is technically possible it would seriously detract from the appearance of the building to have ductwork running somewhere so visible. In these situations, you could decide that creating a longer route is the better option so your sheet metal HVAC fabrication company will have to create more ductwork.

2. How to work with sheet metal HVAC fabrication ductwork

One of the advantages of using sheet metal to create your ductwork is that it can be customised into whatever shape is needed to get the ductwork where it needs to go. If you need to pass the ductwork around a tight corner or through an area where space is limited then you can have the sheet metal ductwork designed specifically to fit in that space even if traditional ductwork would not be capable of fitting into that space.

Working with a sheet metal HVAC fabrication company to create customised ductwork means that the finished ductwork will be precisely what you need. It will be ideally suited to its location so it will last longer than traditional ductwork and provide a better, more effective ducting solution in the longer-term.