4 Reasons to Order Cardboard Mailing Tubes

If you need to order mailing tubes for your company, then you might not be sure whether to go for traditional cardboard products or whether to switch to plastic tubes. In many cases, cardboard is the best material to use here. Why?

1. Tube Strength

Some plastic tubes can be flimsy. They are easier to damage in the post. For example, they might tear or bend causing their contents to get damaged.

If you need extra strength here, then cardboard mailing tubes are usually more robust. You can choose from different thicknesses and strengths. So, you get more protection for the documents or products you mail out.

2. Tube Cost

Plastic tubes are likely to cost you more than cardboard products. Cardboard is cheap to produce and to manufacture.

Even if you opt for a slightly more expensive white tube rather than a regular brown one, your costs shouldn't increase that much. You get a robust solution at a more economical cost.

3. Environmental Benefits

Plastics aren't great for the environment. You can buy environmentally-friendly tubes that are easier to recycle; however, these will be more expensive than regular plastic products. Plus, plastic tubes might not be as reusable as you think. If a tube gets damaged, it can't do its job again.

Cardboard is both reusable and recyclable. So, your customers might reuse a cardboard tube themselves which reduces the production cycle.

Or, they might throw tubes into recycling bins. The cardboard can be used again. This will appeal to customers who are trying to run a greener business themselves. You might not make the best impression if you send them stuff in tubes made from non-recyclable plastics.

Plus, you can even buy tubes made from recycled cardboard yourself. If you do this, you buy into the recycling chain at a later stage which reduces manufacturing energy burdens.

4. Customisation Options

While you can customise plastic tubes, say by adding your logo, brand colour, or a marketing message, this might increase your costs too much. You might need to use specialised inks, and you might have limited options if you want to change the shape of the tubes.

Cardboard tubes are a lot easier to customise. You're essentially printing on to paper here. Any branding you add to the tubes will stand out. Plus, tube manufacturers can change the size and shape of these tubes more easily if you want to place a custom order.

To find out more about cardboard mailing tubes and what you can do with them, contact mailing tube suppliers.