3 Critical Factors to Consider When Installing Screen Shields in Your Workplace

Sneeze shields are arguably crucial in keeping your workers and clients safe from infections, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. They come in acrylic or plexiglass sheets, although glass can also be a suitable option when thinking about protective shields. You can use sneeze shields in numerous applications and setups, including restaurants, office receptions, public transport and many other business spaces with direct contact with clients. 

However, there are numerous options to choose from regarding sneeze shields, and finding the ideal one for your applications depends on various factors, including: 

Durability and Preferred Installation Location

Choosing your sneeze shields' size, height and thickness depends on your application. Sneeze guards have varying sizes, thickness and shapes, and that's the reason why you must select options that best satisfies your requirements. For example, when picking the correct height of your sneeze screens, consider whether you require free-standing or fixed sneeze screens. However, it'll be wise to invest in those that offer adequate cover between individuals in a particular space. 

While thicker sneeze shields designed from thicker sheets are less prone to cracks and breaks, you can opt for any thickness as long as it provides the required protection. That means your choice will ultimately come down to your preferences. 

Consider the Sneeze Shield's Portability

You want to invest in flexible sneeze shields. However, consider whether you need portable or fixed shields to get it right. Are you planning to alter the arrangement of your office desks or your reception area? Whichever your preferences, deciding whether to go for permanent or portable sneeze guards is crucial. Doing so assists you to choose the ideal installation method.

For example, consider movable sneeze shields if your working environment has changing layouts, such as retail stores. Conversely, consider permanent sneeze guards for stationery work environments like cash registers or reception areas that will less likely experience change. 

How Affordable Are Your Screen Shields?

Finally, sneeze shields are always used daily, which means that they must be replaced or repaired regularly. Like any other application, screen guards can experience damage due to wear and tear and require constant maintenance and repair. 

Therefore, depending on their size, quantity and customisation, you might end up changing some screen guards more than others. For this reason, consider the cost of repairing or replacing these units. It would be prudent to invest in screen shields that are more durable and affordable to get value for your investment. 

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