Why Use Concrete Densifiers?

When you lay a concrete floor, you should put some thought into giving the surface some added protection against wear and tear. While sealants can do this, they won't last forever. So, you should also consider using a densifier on the concrete.

How do concrete densifiers work? Why should you use one on your new floor?

What Is A Concrete Densifier?

Densifiers are applied to concrete surfaces like a regular coating. However, they work differently than standard sealants.

A densifier doesn't sit on the tip of the concrete like a sealant; it seeps into the surface. Its chemicals cause a reaction with materials in the concrete mix. This creates a layer of calcium silicate hydrate on the surface. This substance works its way into the pores in the concrete to fill them up.

You can use a densifier on both polished and unpolished concrete. It works the same way on both types of surfaces; however, it might affect the look of the floor slightly differently in each case. For example, a densifier will give a polished floor a more consistent low-key sheen.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Concrete Densifiers?

Concrete floors are strong. They are meant to last a long time and withstand damage that other flooring materials might not cope with.

However, concrete floors can get damaged over time. From a cosmetic perspective, the surface might start to look worn and dull. It might attract and hold more dust as it ages. It might develop small pitting spots after months or years of use.

Some of these problems can sometimes compromise the strength and structural integrity of the surface. For example, if water can get into the surface through worn or pitted areas, then it can destabilise the concrete.

Plus, if water gets deep inside the floor, it can damage its supports. It can make rebar supports rust and expand. This can affect the floor's strength and positioning. You might need to make repairs to fix any damage. In some cases, you might even need to lay a new floor.

A densifier increases your floor's lifespan. As it seeps into the concrete's pores, it makes the floor stronger. Water can't seep into a pore that is full of a hardened densifier, so you shouldn't have any moisture-related structural problems.

Your floor should also look better for longer. The extra strength it gets from a coating of densifier reduces wear, pitting and minor surface damage. Your floor won't get so dusty. It will keep its original sheen for longer.

Plus, you can still add a sealant or coating to the surface after you've applied a densifier if you wish. Even if the sealant wears off over time, your floor will stay in good shape because of its densified structure.

For more advice, contact concrete floor coating products suppliers.